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Gilles M.K. Desmarais, M.D. is the author of "Personal Problems? Open the Toolbox How to Fight Fairly & Win." 

Educated at Harvard, NYU and Washington University, Gilles has over 40 years of experience as a psychiatrist. During your sessions with Gilles, you will learn how to deal with interpersonal problems by using a simple set of tools. If you struggle managing stress and anxiety, coping with disappointment and frustration, or setting and achieving goals, life coaching can help. During your sessions with Gilles, you will learn to effectively deal with the problems you are facing and improve your relationships with children, partners, family, bosses and just plain people. 

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  • All sessions are held via phone call, allowing you the flexibility of having your sessions in the comfort of your home or while you're on the road. (Hands-free, of course!)

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Therapy for Family and Relationship Problems

Life has numerous challenges. The only solace people get is at home with their loved ones. So, where will you run to if your family isn’t at peace? When life reaches this point, most people begin to carry unbearable burdens. That is because they cannot find a place of rest to unburden the increasing pressure on themselves. If such persons don’t find professional assistance, they’re likely to break down emotionally, and mentally or even opt to commit suicide. You cannot ignore the power of relationships for humans. They always want to feel loved and accepted by others. When these needs aren’t met, it will destroy their lives.

Open Your Tool Box provides a suitable platform for such persons to recover. Sometimes, it is normal for couples to become distant in their marriage. Mismanagement of such periods will determine how the marriage is likely to end. When the distance starts creating sexual issues, it becomes a ticking time bomb. The likelihood of separation becomes high. Very few couples have the maturity and ability to recover from such a setback without assistance. Others will need a professional therapist because they’re likely to misjudge themselves and cause a further drift. Our experience dealing with such couples has given us access to a myriad of revelations. We realized some separations were caused by mere exaggerations. Some people after seeing a third person’s perspective realized their partner never had a problem. 

Such experiences give us the confidence to inform affected couples or families that everything is going to be alright. However, some family issues originate from real problems that we cannot ignore. As long as you are at Open Your Tool Box, don’t worry. We have the capacity of solving the issue and restoring your family’s joy. When dealing with marriages or families, we always encourage every member to attend therapy sessions. That is because they are all either victims or perpetrators of the problem. Their presence is always a sign of commitment to bringing healing to the family. We have discovered when every party is present, uncovering the cause of the family problem is fast and easy. We always admonish every member to share their honest opinion about the issue for everyone to hear. That allows the person or people causing the problem to see the damage they are causing to their loved ones. That always gives them the motivation to change. 

You don’t have to worry about the outcome of our therapy sessions. Some clients always fear sessions can turn into a brawl. We are always ready to deal with such occurrences but before the meeting, everyone is briefed adequately. Our therapists will also ensure no party judges the other, even if they did wrong. We also extend a hand of support and help to the people causing the issue. We can encourage them to seek our assistance to solve their problems with personal interactions. After therapy, they will become supportive and beneficial members of the family. Don’t let your family or marriage end abruptly without putting up a fight. You can contact us for professional support and assistance at any time.

Overcoming Personal Issues

When something happens to a person, it is likely to change him/her unknowingly. That is how most people become toxic. The circumstances they were subjected to slowly influenced and changed their perspective and behaviors. Many people have numerous hidden personal issues, yet they don’t seek solutions. That is because they are unaware of the existence of these problems. Unfortunately, they continue suffering due to this ignorance. It will take the eye and the skill of a specialist to uncover these underlying issues and offer a solution. Don’t ignore the power of such problems and their effect on your life. They might appear harmless, but their effect is massive. They can subject you to a life of pain, fear, and dissatisfaction.

At Open Your Tool Box, we know every person has a bad history, which has altered their life. Whenever our experts see signs of interpersonal conflicts, they will swing into action looking for possible causes. Most interpersonal problems arise from relationships, family, or marital problems. That is because the hardest blow always hits the closest. While the therapy session is ongoing, a client might not notice but the therapist will be making progress. Most of the time, we ask questions regarding a person’s background focusing on the people close to and around them. This method is very effective as it unveils a client’s thoughts about his relations. Eventually, it opens up the origin of their problems. 

Opening up about your traumas and bad experiences isn’t easy. That is why the therapists in Open Your Tool Box never push the clients to talk about uncomfortable memories. We acknowledge this process can take time depending on the extent of the problem causing emotional problems. Some people underwent the worst experiences. They would rather pretend the problems never occurred to avoid opening the can of worms. Trying to force out the issue will only break them down. We always use a cunning approach. Our professionals will enlighten the clients about the benefits of exposing every bad and good experience. Hence, they will know openness and honesty will quicken their recovery. While sharing this info, our experts will also use every opportunity to build trust with the clients. That is essential in encouraging them to open up. 

The lack of support and trust has caused many people to sink into addiction. Since they cannot talk about their horrifying past, they look for other means to escape the reality of what happened. Hard drugs have always offered a temporary escape to such persons. However, it has horrible side effects because it destroys their health and lives. Open Your Tool Box can offer solutions for people with interpersonal problems, even if they have sunk into addiction. Apart from assisting them in overcoming drug and alcohol problems, we will also address the causes of their problems. We have a team of professionals with the skills and knowledge to deliver the right results. While dealing with your case, our experts will protect your dignity. Everything shared with our therapists is always confidential. We provide the safest space for people with interpersonal issues to recover quickly. For bookings or more information, contact us.

Therapy for Adapting to Change

Change is the only permanent thing in life. Your survival depends on the ability to adapt to it when necessary. Inadaptability will cause redundancy, loss of opportunities, and loss of career or business. So, you’re left with no choice but to adjust your life promptly. Although it sounds easy, change is very challenging for most people. It is common for them to fight off the change instead of embracing it. The slightest change can threaten to destabilize even persons with strong personalities. It will cause the pessimistic ones to: 

  • Think they cannot keep up with the change
  • Look for options familiar to them
  • Have uncertainties about the future
  • Think their qualifications or skills will be redundant

What most people don’t know is that every change, including the bad ones, is beneficial. You might never know your true potential until an unavoidable change presents itself. An attempt to avoid it is an effort to escape growth. It is the same principle for career or business growth. Every promotion always presents new challenges. If you cannot manage changes, it is impossible to attain the self-actualization phase. Hence, you won’t actualize your dreams. At Open Your Tool Box, we seek to help people in coping with required changes because we know their importance. We deploy tried and tested methods to ensure your transition to the change is effective. 

Our first approach is to unveil why you dislike change. People have many reasons why they distaste change. In most cases, it has a lot to do with interpersonal issues resulting from some past experiences. When these issues aren’t addressed, the victim will always abhor change. They will never see its potential or benefit. We always try as much as possible to generate quick results in this therapy. That is because in some cases, the situation at hand needs immediate intervention. For instance, changes in your job won’t wait for you to adapt. If you don’t comply with it, you’re likely to lose the opportunity. Due to this reason, we have mastered the art of assisting people in coping up with depressing situation. We know the pressure a person feels when facing change while fearing it. Open Your Tool Box therapists have a special way of ensuring you adapt to the discomfort. We will always provide the support system you need through the process.

Our experts are prepared to deal with any arising complications during therapy. Experience has taught us some people can react adversely to change. We have had clients that developed severe panic attacks and depression. These reactions gave us the knowledge and skill needed to help people fearing change. If your case is adverse, we will be present to assist you in every way. Our professionals will guide you in overcoming anxiety and depression. While doing this work, they will exercise patience because anxiety can suspend a person’s thinking. Hence, the clients are likely to make bad decisions or choices. Our therapists will prevent them from making such regrettable life-changing decisions. Our objective is to ensure you walk over the change triumphantly and recover from the stress and anxiety associated with it. If you need any assistance to fight off the fear of change, call us today.

The quality of a person’s life is likely to dwindle if their relationships aren’t thriving. Remember, humans, are social beings. Everyone yearns for acceptance and for a sense of belonging in a social group. When this need isn’t met, dissatisfactions are inevitable and that will ruin every other thing. Great relationships also require an advanced version of you. Unfortunately, challenges have changed the minds and perceptions of most individuals. People with such baggage cannot relate well with others. Until they deal with the interpersonal conflicts, their life is heading to destruction.
Whenever you sense such changes or see them in your loved ones, recommend visiting a specialist immediately. Unfortunately, some people convince themselves they can beat low self-esteem without assistance. When you mismanage this condition, it will affect your life, relationships, and career. Eventually, it can turn suicidal. Seeking professional service is tantamount to saving a life. At Open Your Tool Box Coaching, we extensively understand the dangers and inconveniences these problems can cause.
Mental health together with interpersonal conflicts has ruined lives worldwide. Many people suffer from these issues without knowing it. They are living unpleasant and hopeless lives. For instance, a person can have consistent problems at work or in his relationships without knowing how to deal with them. That will slowly create frustrations. The persons affected by these conditions can become unproductive or lose their lives via suicide if they cannot access professional help. Open Your Tool Box Coaching is positioning itself as a solution for these patients. We have taken the initiative of creating awareness about these problems while directing affected persons to a probable solution.
So far, we have managed to touch and restore many lives, which would’ve suffered ruin. Open Your Tool Box started small but it is now growing at a very fast pace. That should raise concern because it's proof many people are suffering from mental health, addiction, and interpersonal problems. We aren’t intimidated by the rise in number as we are well able to match the increasing demand. Our objective is simple, to ensure every patient or client accesses professional services. We have experts with advanced knowledge regarding these problems. They have undergone intense training in the best institutions. Apart from that, they have extensive experience treating individuals with severe cases. Whenever you visit us for assistance, be at rest because your life is in safe hands.
At Open Your Tool Box, we focus on delivering timely results. When a patient walks in unable to cope with stress, our specialists will start working immediately. We understand every mental health patient is undergoing torture. Hence, we are the professionals likely to put an end to these sufferings promptly. We also inform our patients that some issues are likely to take time before healing is visible. Open Your Tool Box will walk with you through the entire journey supportively no matter how long you will take to get healed. We will go the extra mile to ensure you recover completely. For more details regarding our services or bookings, contact us today.
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